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Calibration Standards for Radiation Safety and Monitoring Programs

NTS provides customer specified calibration standards for the variety of radiation monitoring instruments that are typically used for radiation safety programs of the operations for personnel monitoring, area contamination monitoring, environmental monitoring and other operating license required activities. The calibration standards are used for the measurements of alpha-/beta emitting radionuclide using proportional counters, GM counters and scintillation detectors as well as standards for gamma/x-ray measurements using scintillation detectors and solid-state detectors. The standards provide the accurate calibrations for wipe test determinations, airborne particulate and gaseous measurements, wide-area and personnel contamination measurements, internal dosimetry (whole-body counting) etc..

Each standard is prepared gravimetrically with a calibrated balance. After preparation, each standard is counted with a calibrated counting system.

The counting efficiency is compared to the counting efficiency of at least one independent standard and agreement must be within NTS stated uncertainty.


Surface Contamination Radiation Monitoring Instruments

Standards for alpha, beta and gamma-ray surface contamination monitors can be supplied in many different sizes. Alpha and beta standards are Mylarô covered. Gamma-ray contamination monitor standards are contained in a more durable plastic covering.

The surface contamination standards are prepared gravimetrically from calibrated solutions.  A wide variety of alpha, beta or gamma-ray emitting radionuclides can be used.  Geometries prepared include the standard square 10 x 10 cm, 10 x 15 cm, and set up to 1 x 1 m standards.  Other configurations are available.


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