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The NTS has in-stock a Bottle Mannequin Absorber (BOMAB) Phantom (Catalog # NTSBMP01) containing Eu-152 with a total activity of 5.0 microcuries.

The phantom stand shown in the photo is not included but can be purchased as optional equipment.  

The purchase price of this specific phantom is $14,000. 


Protean MPC-9604 Low-Background Gas-Flow Proportional Counter

* Four years old, used for about 3 months.

* Fully operational and performs to factory specifications (no contamination).

* 4 detector system using 4 independent sample drawers.

* Full front access for detector maintenance (no lead lifting or rear access).

* Uses P-10 gas.

* Loss free counter and 0% spill-over.

* Gas-Pro protects from under-reporting counting results.

* Ultra thin windows.

* Window changes in 4-5 minutes.

* Control software fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows 98

* Cosmetic ding on left front cover

* Purchase price of $12,000.

* Until further notice, this item will not be offered for sale.  Please check back or call to determine it's status.


Please contact Dr. Hermon Rao if you have any questions.


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We have an in-stock BOMAB phantom available plus a Protean MPC-9604...(Click here for more info)


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