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Nuclear Technology Services, Inc. 635 Hembree Parkway Roswell, GA 30076 Ph: 770-663-0711 Fax: 770-663-0547

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About Us:

Nuclear Technology Services, Inc.

We are a business established for the purpose of providing radiochemical analysis, irradiation/calibration services, and related radiological products including training and consulting.





The president is Hermon H.S.C. Rao, Ph.D., a radiochemist with over 33 years experience in the nuclear technology field.  He has extensive experience in classroom and laboratory instruction, environmental radiochemical analysis, nuclear power consulting, and health physics applications and support.


Nuclear Technology Services, Inc. (NTS) was incorporated in the state of Georgia in 1994.  The facility is located in Roswell, GA, a northern suburb of metropolitan Atlanta.  NTS is a minority owned and operated SDB company.

A Partner in Training

NTS has an excellent working relationship with Nevada Technical Associates (NTA) of Las Vegas, NV.  Some of the NTA courses are scheduled at our facility so that attendees will be able to benefit from the in-house proximity of laboratory and survey instruments.  Click on the above link for information on courses offered and schedules.

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We have an in-stock BOMAB phantom available plus a Protean MPC-9604...(Click here for more info)


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