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Inter-Laboratory Cross-Check Program or Performance Test Program

One of the quality control aspects of an effective quality-assurance and quality control program of a radiochemical analysis laboratory is participation through an inter-laboratory blind QC cross-check program. It is recommended by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations and ANSI N42.23 -1996 “American National Standard Measurement and Associated Instrument Quality Assurance for Radio-assay Laboratories” as part of a standard quality control activity.

NTS offers Inter-laboratory Quality Control Cross-Check blind samples at environmental levels in water, milk, soil, simulated vegetation, air filters and charcoal cartridges. NTS also provides blind simulated routine effluent samples for the laboratories that provide analytical services support for Nuclear Power Plant Radiological Effluent monitoring Program (REMP) and samples for 10CFR61 specified program. The program provides quarterly, blind samples at concentrations that would permit an evaluation of your analytical accuracy. The types of sample matrix and radionuclide provided depends on the customers specifications.

Reporting Procedures

Sample price included comparison report with one result per sample.  Reports for multiple results (e.g., detectors, shelves, etc.) are available at an additional cost.  For nuclear power plant related monitoring programs, the customer specifically will receive a report using the NRC Confirmatory Measurements criteria and format for comparing analytical measurement results.  The report is issued within 15 work days from receipt of sample analysis results reported by the customer.  The known values along with client values are tabulated with the ratios of the known-to-reported values.


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