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Health Physicist's Companion

Compatible with Windows 2000, NT, XP and VISTA on CD-ROM 

Part Number: HP-CD1      Price: $250

  • Database: More than 2800 nuclides

  • Radioactivity: Calculate future and past radioactivities for any nuclide in the database

  • Dose rates and radiation shielding: Calculate dose rates for any nuclide, at any distance, for any activity or mass and with various types of shielding in place

This database is a user-friendly software program that keeps track of surveys for airborne radioactivity.  Worker exposure and facility concentration levels are automatically calculated from laboratory analysis results.  The software is based on the familiar Windows environment including command buttons, pull-down lists, and on-screen help.

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We have an in-stock BOMAB phantom available plus a Protean MPC-9604...(Click here for more info)


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