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Irradiation, Calibration & Repair Services Provided by NTS, Inc.

The Irradiation and Calibration facility is staffed with qualified personnel with extensive experience in the fields of dosimetry and radiation detection instruments. We offer array of services to meet the needs of nuclear industry such as:

  • Thermo luminescent dosimeter irradiation for quality control/performance evaluation of dosimetry programs

  • Instrument calibration and repair services

  • Any other custom services desired

The dosimetry badge services utilized by the commercial nuclear programs are provided through Battelle National Laboratory's NAVLAP accreditation program with a frequency of every three years. In-order to assure and maintain the NAVLAP certification over the certification period users are required to implement independent third party quarterly quality control of their dosimetry badge service.

NTS provides irradiation services as an independent third party quality control for performance evaluation of dosimetry programs.  

Every effort is made to conduct the highest quality irradiations of dosimeter badges in accordance with recognized national and international standards such as:

  • ISO 4037 and 6980

  • ANSI N13.11 and N323

  • Other applicable standards

Irradiations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  The facility of Nuclear Technology Services can provide services for all types of irradiations. All irradiations are conducted in free-air, low-scatter ranges. The available sources are a Cf-252 neutron source with D2O moderation, a 250 kVp x-ray machine with NIST techniques, Sr/Y-90, Tl-204, Pm-147 b sources, Uranium slab sources and Cs-137 gamma source.

The available equipment includes a PTW extrapolation chamber, Shonka-Wycoff ion chambers, Pulsers etc.

Radiation monitoring instruments are calibrated with NIST traceable sources (Co-60, Cs-137, PTB beta sources such as Sr/Y-90, Tl-204, U-Slab sources etc.); for neutron instruments an NIST traceable Cf-252 neutron source with D2O moderation is used. Calibration facility also provides repair of the instruments where needed.

Speed coupled with accuracy and precision is our goal. Turnaround time is generally one-two weeks, but special arrangements can be made to suit particular needs and our prices are very competitive. Nuclear Technology Services is committed in meeting client’s needs on time and within budget. Our irradiation and calibration service conforms to the industry standards, and current regulatory requirements. We guarantee that each client will remain a satisfied one.



Instrument/Irradiation Types


Turnaround Times

All alpha, beta, gamma and neutron instruments

NIST traceable alpha, beta (PTB & U -Slab), gamma, and neutron (Cf-252).

5-10 days for normal and 24 hrs for emergency.

All ANSI N-13.11 category exposures

NIST traceable alpha, beta (PTB & U -Slab), gamma, and neutron (Cf-252).

5-10 days for normal and 24 hrs for emergency.

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