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Nuclear Power Plant Support Services Provided by NTS, Inc.


NTS can provide on-going or one time primary on-site calibration services. Typically, effluent radiation monitors should have a primary calibration performed every five years at minimum. This in-situ calibration would document the sensitivity of the existing monitor system, and could establish “fresh” transfer sources for the periodic transfer calibration required for general maintenance activities:

NTS staff has provided in-situ primary calibrations of Kaman accident rage monitoring system at Hatch Nuclear Plant; Eberline Sping gas effluent monitoring systems at Clinton Nuclear Power Station and High Range ventilation stack monitor at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plan complying with Regulatory Guide 1.97 (NEREG 0737) requirements. Along with the in-situ calibration services NTS also provided routine calibration procedures, procedures for alarm set points etc.

NTS has personnel resources with background of industry experience supplying state-of-the-art monitor design, fabrication, analysis, and installation of radiation monitoring systems of various types; radiochemical testing; health physics documentation; system maintenance and repair. NTS also provides an on-site one to two-day seminar; “WORKING WITH RADIATION MONITORS,” for the engineering and maintenance staff, which can be presented as a supplement to training or as a lecture on problems and solutions based on varied experiences.  The discussion includes basic theory of operation of detectors, their application and general design requirements, and system calibration requirements from ANSI standards to EPRI suggestions. The discussion is addressed both from a user (Plant System Engineer) standpoint and as the equipment vendor/designer.

NTS is capable of providing plant staff assistance in resolving radiation monitor problems either onsite or off-site with the direct input from the operating staff.  NTS can provide a focused direction to the maintenance staff for repair or upgrade for a single monitor or for the entire radiation monitoring system.  


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