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Radiochemical Analysis Services Provided by NTS, Inc.

NTS provides analysis of environmental, bioassay, effluent, and process waste samples for a range of radionuclides.  The types of sample matrices include liquid, soil, vegetation, air filters, bioassay, and other samples.  Analytical equipment includes low-level gamma spectroscopy, low energy photon spectroscopy, liquid scintillation, alpha spectroscopy, low background gas flow proportional counter, and other analysis equipment.  



  • Gross alpha-beta analysis

  • Gamma spectroscopic analysis of fission products, naturally occurring and activation product radionuclides which include Fe-55, I-129, Ni-63, and other 10CFR61 listed radionuclides

  • Analysis of H-3, C-14, P-32, S-35, and Rn-222 by liquid scintillation counting

  • Analysis of radium, thorium, uranium, plutonium, americium, other actinides and trans-plutonium alpha emitting nuclides by alpha spectroscopy

  • Analysis of Sr-89, Sr-90, Tc-99, I-131, Cs-137, and beta emitting rare earth nuclides

  • Analysis for nuclides of radium by radon emanation-Lucas Cells and radon measurement using activated charcoal cartridges



  • Environmental samples such as water, soil, vegetable, air filters and swipes

  • Bioassay samples - urine, fecal, and animal tissues

  • Effluent and process waste (10CFR61) samples - liquid, gas, resin, particulate and charcoal filters

  • Other samples - NORM related samples, radon contamination smears, radon monitoring for enclosed buildings and open fields






Sample Types








Environmental and/or Process.


Water, soil, air-filter, solids, vegetation  etc.

alpha emitting nuclides, such as actinides; uranium, trans-uranium, trans-plutonium etc; gamma and beta emitting nuclides.

800-1000 samples/yr.

21-30 days for routine analyses; 5-10 days for priority.


Urine, fecal, biological tissues.

Same as above.

800-1000 samples/yr.

Same as above.

The NTS radiochemistry laboratory QA program satisfies the requirements of ANSI NQA-1 and NELAC standards and participates in studies sponsored by DOE’s Mixed Analyte Performance Evaluation Program (MAPEP).  NTS Lab also holds US Army Corp of Engineer (USACE) Lab Certification and its primary client is USACE Buffalo Dist for its projects as a Radiochemistry QA Laboratory.

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