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Radiation Safety Training Videos


Why buy out of date videos?  We know that virtually all of the video sold by our competition are old ones, sometimes as much as 20 years old.  All of our videos are less than 2 years old with some produced in the summer of 2007.  These videos are available in DVD and VHS format.  A short clip from each video can be viewed for most of the videos listed below.  You will need “Flash Player” installed on your computer to view the clips.  Click on the title for more information about content and access the sample clip.


GUARANTEED FOR THREE YEARS – We guarantee all the videos listed below to remain free from defects for three years from the date of purchase.  This includes damage due to dust, spills or any other source of damage.  If your tape or DVD stops working, just return it to us for a free replacement.


If you have a need for a video that we don’t offer, please contact us for a quote on a video customized for your needs.  Hospitals and medical clinics please note that several of these videos are suitable for your needs.


1.  Radiation Safety for Medical Facilities - 70 minutes


      Part No. VHS18          Price: $395

      Part No. DVD18          Price: $395


2.  New!  Radiation Safety for Sealed Sources - 24 minutes 

For users of portable radiation instruments, gauge users and any other users of shielded and sealed sources (This is so new we have not yet had time to post a detailed description.)  Call to get more information.


       Part No. VHS19         Price: $295

       Part No. DVD19         Price: $295


3.  New!  Radiation Safety for X-Ray Generating Devices  – 17 minutes 

For users of any device that Emits X-rays. (This is another one so new we have not yet had time to post a detailed description.  Call to get more information.


       Part No. VHS20         Price: $295

       Part No. DVD20         Price: $295


4.  Laboratory Radiation Safety – 68 minutes


      Part No. VHS12          Price: $395

      Part No. DVD12          Price: $395


5.  Radiation Safety for Non-Rad Workers – 6 minutes


       Part No. VHS07         Price: $195

       Part No. DVD07         Price: $195


6.  Practical Radiation Safety – 25 minutes


       Part No. VHS08         Price: $295

       Part No. DVD08         Price: $295


7.  Practical Radiation Safety and Radiography – 28 minutes


       Part No. VHS14         Price: $295

       Part No. DVD14         Price: $295


8.  Radiation and Pregnancy (for patients) – 17 minutes


       Part No. VHS09         Price: $195

       Part No. DVD09         Price: $195


9.  Radiation and Pregnancy (for Health Care Workers) – 18 minutes


             Part No. VHS10         Price: $295

             Part No. DVD10         Price: $295


10. Fetal Effects of Diagnostic Radiation Exposure – 36 minutes


       Part No. VHS11         Price: $395

       Part No. DVD11         Price: $395


11. Radiation Safety for First Responders – 33 minutes


       Part No. VHS13         Price: $295

       Part No. DVD13         Price: $295


12. First Responder Package – 28 and 33 minutes.  

Two videos consisting of Practical Radiation Safety and Radiation Safety for First Responders.


       Part No. PKGVHS17    Price: $550       ($40 savings)

       Part No. PKGDVD17    Price: $550       ($40 savings)


13. Medical Effects of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiation – 33 minutes

Most people have an opinion about exposure to radiation.  Their opinion may be based on incorrect information which may lead to an overly casual attitude towards radiation or to an unreasonable fear of radiation.  It is the objective of this video to present accurate information about the risks of medical radiation so that the medical community will be able to more accurately assess the benefits of diagnostic and therapeutic radiation in comparison to the risks. A more detailed description of this video will be available soon.

     Part No. VHS15          Price: $295

     Part No. DVD15          Price: $295

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