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We specialize in radiochemical analysis for radionuclides such as uranium, plutonium, tritium, and gamma emitters.  We also offer irradiation and calibration services for nuclear instruments and consulting in health physics.

We are involved in radiochemistry training, BOMAB phantom production and a variety of other radiological products and services for the nuclear industry and radiological sciences.

If your needs involve radiochemical analysis, instrument calibration, training, or BOMAB phantoms, call to find out how we can help you.



Greetings and Welcome to the NTS Home Page!

Welcome.  Please take a look around our website.  We offer a wide variety of nuclear products and services in support of commercial and government sectors of the nuclear industry.  If you work in the areas of health physics, nuclear medicine, nuclear power, environmental monitoring and remediation, commercial product manufacturing, you will find many useful tools here (Check out our Links list).

Please take a close look at our offerings in radiological training classes in the Services section and radiation safety videos in the Products section.  Our training specialties are in areas of environmental radiochemistry, radiation protection, radiological safety officer course, gamma spectroscopy, alpha spectroscopy & liquid scintillation analysis, and radiation instrumentation.

We have extensive experience in radiochemical analysis for customers with almost any type of sample media using gamma spectroscopy, alpha spectroscopy, low background alpha/beta counting, and liquid scintillation counting.  We routinely perform radon analysis for indoor and outdoor settings; bioassay samples; 10CFR61 samples; and NORM samples.

We also specialize in producing BOttle Manikin ABsorber (BOMAB) phantoms in a tissue equivalent matrix for calibration of whole body counting (WBC) systems using NIST traceable sources fixed in precision engineered containers. Our phantoms meet requirements of the Reference Man described in ICRP 23.  

We offer customized NIST traceable radioactive calibration sources for use in radiochemical laboratory counting instruments and for radiation monitoring instrument calibration and performance checks.  We also provide quality control samples for radiochemical laboratory QC programs.

In support of radiation protection programs, we provide irradiation of dosimetry badges for quality control and calibration of radiation monitors and repairs where needed.  We also provide dosimetry badge reading service by Global Dosimetry Solutions and electronic dosimeters by MGP Instruments.

We are your source for high quality leak resistant Marinelli beakers.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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We have an in-stock BOMAB phantom available plus a Protean MPC-9604...(Click here for more info)


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